1997 The 1st Miss Hollywood Scholarship Pageant was held in April, 1997 when J'Nae Fincannon was named the winner.
1998 At the 1998 pageant, two winners were selected: Jennifer Harris, Miss Hollywood 1998 and Becky Snyder, Miss South Coast Counties 1998.
1999 At the 1999 pageant, two titles again were awarded: Stacey Moseley was crowned Miss Hollywood 1999 and Jill Simonian was named Miss Southland 1999. The Miss South Coast Counties title was changed to Miss Southland to better reflect the four-county Southern California region she represents.
2000 In 2000, Robin Chamberlain was named Miss Hollywood and Jennifer Harris was named Miss Southland.
2001 Jill Simonian was selected as Miss Hollywood 2001 and Kimberly Gloudemans was named Miss Southland 2001.
2002 Our 2002 titleholders were Miss Hollywood Kimberly Gloudemans and Miss Southland Victoria Robertson.
2003 In 2003, a third title, Miss Southern California, was added. Kathryn Killacky was the first Miss Southern California. Miss Hollywood 2003 was Erryn Lewis and Miss Southland 2003 was Alexandra Stathoulis.
2004 Our 2004 titleholders were Miss Hollywood Jillian Hallman and Miss Southland Veena Goel, winning the largest pageant in our 8-year history, with 31 contestants. Veena went on the win the Miss California title and placed as fourth runner-up at the 2004 Miss America pageant.
2005 Our 2005 titleholders were Miss Hollywood Angel Blue, Miss Southland Jaclyn Normandie and Miss Southwest California Melissa Chaty.
2006 Our 2006 titleholders are Miss Hollywood Amy Yetasook, Miss Southland Portia Peters and Miss Southwest California Angel Blue.
2007 Our 2007 titleholders are Miss Hollywood Kari Johnson, Miss Southland Nicole Chiu and Miss Southwest California Amy Yetasook.
2008 Stephanie Schutt was crowned Miss Southland 2008 and Jackie Geist was named Miss Hollywood 2008. The Southwest California title was not awarded.
2009 Our 2009 titleholders are Miss Hollywood Emily Brandenburg, Miss Southland Brittney Henry and Miss Southwest California Megan Lyne.
2010 Our 2010 titleholders are Miss Hollywood Lindsay Nault and Miss Southland Coreena Coleman.
2011 Our 2011 titleholders are Miss Hollywood Saundra Combs, Miss Southland Christyn Richardson, and our very first Miss Studio City Brittany Bell. Also, we held the first ever Miss Hollywood's Outstanding Teen pageant, won by Adrienne Berry.

See the results of Our Titleholders at Miss California

Miss Hollywood 2008 Jackie Geist is crowned Miss California 2008. Jackie was a top 7 finalist at the 2009 Miss America pageant.
    2011 Pageant Results
  Miss Hollywood 2011 Saundra Combs
  Miss Southland 2011 Christyn Richardson
  Miss Studio City 2011 Brittany Bell
  1st runner-up Noelle Freeman
  2nd runner-up Anna Mason
  3rd runner-up Laura Berger
  4th runner-up Marina Inserra
  J'Nae Fincannon Talent Award Saundra Combs
  Nicole Chiu/Stephanie Schutt Interview Award Laura Berger
  Overall Swimsuit Award Christyn Richardson
  Overall Evening Wear Award Noelle Freeman
  Overall On-Stage Question Award Anna Mason
  Audience Choice Award Saundra Combs
  Miss Hollywood's Outstanding Teen 2011 Adrienne Berry
  1st runner-up Tierra Gonzalez-Hammonds
    2010 Pageant Results
  Miss Hollywood 2010 Lindsay Nault
  Miss Southland 2010 Coreena Coleman
  1st runner-up Saundra Combs
  2nd runner-up Marissa Santana
  3rd runner-up Nicole Meyers
  4th runner-up Savannah Brown
  J'Nae Fincannon Talent Award Coreena Coleman
  Nicole Chiu/Stephanie Schutt Interview Award Saundra Combs
  Overall Swimsuit Award Marissa Santana
  Overall Evening Wear Award (tie) Lindsay Nault
    Marissa Santana
  Overall On-Stage Question Award Lindsay Nault
  People's Choice Award Nicole Meyers
    2009 Pageant Results
  Miss Hollywood 2009 Emily Brandenburg
  Miss Southland 2009 Brittney Henry
  Miss Southwest California 2009 Megan Lyne
  1st runner-up Nicole Honaker
  2nd runner-up Jennifer Kohlenberger
  3rd runner-up Kristen Cavinder
  4th runner-up Lindsay Nault
  J'Nae Fincannon Talent Award Emily Brandenburg
  Nicole Chiu/Stephanie Schutt Interview Award Megan Lyne
  Overall Swimsuit Award Jennifer Kohlenberger
  Overall Evening Wear Award (tie) Brittney Henry
    Nicole Honaker
  Overall On-Stage Question Award (tie) Emily Brandenburg
    Nicole Honaker
  Audience Choice Award Jennifer Kohlenberger
    2008 Pageant Results
  Miss Hollywood 2008 Jackie Geist
  Miss Southland 2008 Stephanie Schutt
  1st runner-up Saundra Combs
  2nd runner-up LauraJean Berger
  3rd runner-up Jessica Taylor
  4th runner-up Melissa Youssef
  J'Nae Fincannon Talent Award Sharanya Mukhopadhyay
  Overall Interview Award Stephanie Schutt
  Overall Swimsuit Award Jackie Geist
  Overall Evening Wear Award (tie) Jackie Geist
    Krystal Sewell
  Audience Choice Award Saundra Combs
    2007 Pageant Results
  Miss Hollywood 2007 Kari Johnson
  Miss Southland 2007 Nicole Chiu
  Miss Southwest California 2007 Amy Yetasook
  1st runner-up Caprice Dehlinger
  2nd runner-up Kyrstin Munson
  3rd runner-up Marissa Snead
  4th runner-up Lauren Howard
  J'Nae Fincannon Talent Award Amy Yetasook
  Overall Interview Award (3-way tie) Nicole Chiu
    Kari Johnson
  Amy Yetasook
  Overall Swimsuit Award Kari Johnson
  Overall Evening Wear Award (tie) Kari Johnson
    Nicole Chiu
  Audience Choice Award Nicole Chiu
    2006 Pageant Results
  Miss Hollywood 2006 Amy Yetasook
  Miss Southland 2006 Portia Peters
  Miss Southwest California 2006 Angel Blue
  1st runner-up Kari Johnson
  2nd runner-up Christie Youssef
  J'Nae Fincannon Talent Award Angel Blue
  Overall Interview Award (tie) Portia Peters
  Angel Blue
  Overall Swimsuit Awarderall Swimsuit Award Kari Johnson
  Audience Choice Award Christie Youssef
    2005 Pageant Results
  Miss Hollywood 2005 Angel Blue
  Miss Southland 2005 Jaclyn Normandie
  Miss Southwest California 2005 Melissa Chaty
  1st runner-up Ruth Stainer
  2nd runner-up Rebecca Haeri
  J'Nae Fincannon Talent Award Angel Blue
  Audience Choice Award Lauren Howard
  Overall Interview Award Angel Blue
  Overall Swimsuit Award Lisette Diaz
    2004 Pageant Results
  Miss Hollywood 2004 Jillian Hallman
  Miss Southland 2004 Veena Goel
  1st runner-up Rachelle King
  2nd runner-up Lynly Walsh
  3rd runner-up Courtney Caron
  4th runner-up Amy Yetasook
  J'Nae Fincannon Talent Award Michelle Lee
  Non-Finalist Talent Award Nikki Pietro
  Audience Choice Award Michelle Nagasawa
  Preliminary Swimsuit Winners Lynly Walsh
  Jillian Hallman
  Preliminary Talent Winners Rachelle King
  Michelle Lee
  Overall Interview Award Jillian Hallman
  Other Top 12 Finalists Lisa Collier
    Michelle Lee
    Julianne Luick
    Erma Morelli
    Anni Turney
    Christie Youssef
    2003 Pageant Results
  Miss Hollywood 2003 Erryn Lewis
  Miss Southland 2003 Alexandra Stathoulis
  Miss Southern California 2003 Kathryn Killacky
  1st runner-up Jayna Altman
  2nd runner-up Angel Joy Blue
  J'Nae Fincannon Talent Award Angel Joy Blue
  Non-Finalist Talent Award Anna-Suzette Eblen
  Audience Choice Award Erryn Lewis
  Preliminary Swimsuit Winners Erryn Lewis
  Leslie Akers
  Preliminary Talent Winners Marissa Snead
  Angel Joy Blue
  Overall Interview Award (tie) Erryn Lewis
  Alexandra Stathoulis
  Other Top 12 Finalists Leslie Akers
    Lynne Carson
    Cidney Dutton
    Kari Ann Johnson
    Christine Schiebelhut
    Marissa Snead
    Christie Youssef
    2002 Pageant Results
  Miss Hollywood 2002 Kimberly Gloudemans
  Miss Southland 2001 Victoria Robertson
  1st runner-up Andria Elam
  2nd runner-up

Cidney Dutton

  3rd runner-up Leizl Tan
  4th runner-up Anne Warren
  J'Nae Fincannon Talent Award Jane Kim
  Non-Finalist Talent Award Rachel Tetrow
  Audience Choice Award Cidney Dutton
  Preliminary Swimsuit Winners Kimberly Gloudemans
  Andria Elam
  Preliminary Talent Winners Kimberly Gloudemans
  Jane Kim
  Overall Interview Awards Leizl Tan
  Kimberly Gloudemans
  Other Top 10 Finalists Misty Armour
  Rayven Armijo
  Marqui Konzem
  Jane Kim
    2001 Pageant Results
  Miss Hollywood 2001 Jill Simonian
  Miss Southland 2001 Kimberly Gloudemans
  1st runner-up Stephanie Baldwin
  2nd runner-up

Terrin McGee

  3rd runner-up Vanessa Menendez
  4th runner-up Elise Horner
  J'Nae Fincannon Talent Award Jill Simonian
  Non-Finalist Talent Awards Teresa Bruneau
  Jessica Lewis
  Audience Choice Award Jaclyn Grossman
  Preliminary Swimsuit Winners Kim Forsyth
  Kimberly Gloudemans
  Christie Lofman
  Preliminary Talent Winners Stephanie Baldwin
  Jill Simonian
  Other Top 10 Finalists Christie Lofman
  Heather Myers
  Emma Desilets
  Annie Lin
    2000 Pageant Results
Miss Southland 2000 Jennifer Harris
  Miss Hollywood 2000 Robin Chamberlain
  1st runner-up Kim Gloudemans
  2nd runner-up Heather Stocks
  3rd runner-up Mary-Lynn Ring
  4th runner-up Katherine Furesh
  J'Nae Fincannon Talent Award Jennifer Harris
  Overall Swimsuit Winners Robin Chamberlain
  Kim Gloudemans
  Overall Interview Winner Robin Chamberlain
  Audience Choice Award Jaclyn Grossman
    1999 Pageant Results
  Miss Hollywood 1999 Stacey Moseley
  Miss Southland 1999 Jill Simonian
  1st runner-up Nichole Ferrera
  2nd runner-up Marina Jurica
  3rd runner-up Jennifer Carlson
  4th runner-up Lori-Jean Loukonen
  J'Nae Fincannon Talent Award Stacey Moseley
  Preliminary Swimsuit Winners Stacey Moseley
  Jennifer Carlson
  Jill Simonian
  Preliminary Talent Winners Stacey Moseley
  Jill Simonian
  Overall Interview Winner Catherine Rongey
    1998 Pageant Results
  Miss Hollywood 1998 Jennifer Harris
  Miss South Coast Counties 1998 Becky Snyder
  1st runner-up Vanessa Menendez
  2nd runner-up Lori-Jean Loukonen
  3rd runner-up Jennifer Carlson
  4th runner-up Janine Foster
  J'Nae Fincannon Talent Award Jennifer Harris
  Overall Swimsuit Winner Becky Snyder
  Overall Interview Winner Jennifer Harris
  Overall Talent Winner Jennifer Harris
    1997 Pageant Results
  Miss Hollywood 1999 J'Nae Fincannon
  1st runner-up Lori-Jean Loukonen
  2nd runner-up Marina Jurica
  3rd runner-up Laura Knight
  4th runner-up Alithea Corter
  Jeff Bailey Community Service Award J'Nae Fincannon